Banner is a unique project that seamlessly combines Fabric and Bukkit for Minecraft. Acting as a Fabric mod, it allows you to create a feature-rich Minecraft server with the ability to integrate mods and plugins, ensuring stability and an enhanced gaming experience. By leveraging the strengths of both Fabric and Bukkit, Banner opens up a world of possibilities for server customization and gameplay enhancements.

What makes Banner so special?


Easy to Use

Banner is easy to use and install. Simply download the Banner jar file and place it in your server's mods folder. Banner will automatically create a plugins folder for you to place your plugins in.



Unlock endless possibilities with Banner's extensive mod and plugin compatibility. Customize your server effortlessly using Banner's integration with Bukkit and Spigot APIs.


Community Support and Regular Updates

Join the Banner community for support and regular updates! Stay up-to-date with the latest Minecraft versions and access new features and improvements.

Ready to level up your Minecraft server experience?

Experience unparalleled stability with mod & plugin integration. Join the Banner community and unlock limitless possibilities for your server. Upgrade to Banner today and revolutionize your Minecraft experience.