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Write mods and plugins for Mohist

Mohist is built to support Forge mods and Bukkit/Spigot plugins. Even though it implements some Paper patches, Mohist 1.12.2 is the only version that can run Paper plugins properly. Other versions are still in development and doesn't fully implement Paper, which means any Paper plugin could not work properly.

How to write mods and plugins for Mohist?

Since Mohist is based on Forge and implements Bukkit/Paper API, you can write mods and plugins for Mohist just like you write mods and plugins for Forge and Bukkit/Spigot, no extra steps needed.


Remember that Mohist is still in development, and some features of some plugins may not work properly.

Mohist API

Mohist provides some APIs for mods and plugins that you can use. You can find them in the API Reference.